Ger or ear. Small discs (electrodes) will be placed on your arms, chest, or legs to record your heart rate and rhythm. buy viagra without prescription A round cylinder or rectangular box that takes the pictures during fluoroscopy will be moved above you. rush street the viagra triangle The fluoroscope will move under you during the test. viagra use neonates You may hear some clicking or whirring noise intermittently throughout the procedure. generic viagra canada To prepare for insertion of the catheter into the artery, a small area of your upper thigh (in the groin area) will be shaved and a local anesthetic will be injected. You may feel a brief sting or pinch from the numbing medicine. When the area is numb the neuroradiologist will insert a catheter into the artery at the top of your leg. You may feel pressure in the blood vessel as the catheter is moved. generic viagra india 100 mg Let your doctor know if you are having pain. viagra canada Once the catheter is guided to the brain and is in place, the contrast agent will be injected. You may feel a sensation of warmth in your face and head. buy viagra online For some people, the feeling of heat is strong and for others it is very mild. cheap generic viagra You may also experience headache, flushing of the face, or a salty or metallic taste in your mouth after the dye is used. These feelings do not last long. Some people may feel sick to their stomach or may vomit, but this is uncommon. The dye is an iodine base. If you have a known allergy to iodine or shellfish, notify your doctor as this increases the risk that you may have an allergic reaction to the contrast dye. Alternative dyes may be used, or your doctor may prescribe pre-medications to prevent an allergic reaction to the contrast dye. The contrast dye also holds a small risk of kidney impairment particularly with those over age 65, or with previous kidney or renal problems. Notify your doctor if you have a history of kidney or renal problems. The fluoroscopy equipment will be moved around you into the correct position and pictures will be taken and analyzed by the neuroradiologist. lilly viagra10 It is important to be as still as possible to obtain clear pictures. You may be asked to take a breath and hold it for several seconds as pictures are being taken. After satisfactory pictures have been obtained, the catheter will be removed and either a closure, or pressure will be applied to the opening for fifteen minutes or more. Following the angiogram you will be required to lie flat for two to six hours in a recovery room at t.
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